• Discreet control
    Change programs and adjust volume easily and discreetly

Easy, visual control 

With the ReSound Unite Remote Control 2 your customer will be more likely to use the best-suited program for a given situation. They can easily change programs and adjust the volume on each of their hearing aids. The easy-to-see display clearly shows settings.

Real life benefits

Sitting in the car with the window down? Turn down the volume by the window to avoid the wind noise. (Monaural volume control)

Going into a meeting? Switch into the program to best hear voices in noise.(Program selection)

Waiting at the mall for your wife to finish her shopping? Relax, sit down, and mute the hearing aids to rest from loud background noise. (Mute button – not available with Alera hearing aids)

Watching TV with your kids or grandkids? One-touch activation of the TV Streamer 2. Adjusting the volume of TV being streamed to ears doesn’t affect the TV’s normal volume, so it’s perfect for your customer and not too loud for the kids. With the Remote Control 2, customers can make on-the-spot adjustments of TV Streamer volume vs. the volume of the hearing aid so they can hear both the kids and the show.  (Streaming / hearing aid volume balance)

It doesn’t get more discreet

Some customers feel like they are fumbling when they use hearing aid buttons to toggle through programs and volume, and are unsure if they are using the correct program. The buttons on the Remote Control 2 are larger and easy to see, and the screen shows exactly which program is activated.

While most hearing aid manufacturers offer remote controls, they usually require them hang around the neck. The ReSound Unite Remote Control 2 can be kept in a pocket or purse. Want to know more the technology behind our direct connections

If your customer has a smartphone, they can even get an app to control their hearing aid when used with the Phone Clip+. Read about ReSound Control.

Getting started is easy

ReSound Unite wireless accessories are very easy to pair. You can do it within Aventa fitting software, or simply (1) open the battery doors, (2) press the pairing button on the Remote Control 2, and (3) close the battery doors within 20 seconds. You will hear a melody in the hearing aids that tells you they are successfully paired. 

Once paired, your customer simply needs to turn on the Remote Control to use it. 

Set-up guide

See just how easy it is to set up the new ReSound Unite™ Remote Control 2.

Usage guide

See how simple it is to use the new ReSound Unite™ Remote Control 2.

What others say about the Remote Control 2

"We sell [them] to the gentleman who can’t reach the controller on his hearing aid, or has fluctuating hearing loss."
(Dispenser, France)

"It’s an advantage to adjust the TV from your chair."
(Hearing Care Professional, Iowa, USA)

"It’s sleek, slim, and small…It can’t get smaller."
(Hearing Care Professional, Texas USA)

"Size was important, because I wanted it to fit in my cargo pants…in a different pocket than my keys and coins, so it wouldn’t get scratched."
(Consumer, Male, Employed, First-timer)
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